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Flow massage guns -
Regeneration technique from professional sports

From football to ice hockey, from triathlons and marathons to Olympic wrestling, athletics and CrossFit to rowing and beach volleyball. We are very proud that Europe's best athletes and teams trust our devices.

Here you will find a small selection of athletes and clubs who optimize their regeneration with our flow massage guns.

Flow Recovery Europe is the official supplier of FC Augsburg.


FC Augsburg

FC Augsburg is a traditional German club and an established Bundesliga football club with eleven years of continuous participation in the top German league.
The athletic trainers and physiotherapists in the professional department use flow massage guns in the regeneration units to optimize the players' recovery and to keep the players productive and injury-free at all times.

“We are very pleased to welcome Flow Recovery to our family of sponsors. The philosophy of making sports and everyday life better and more pleasant for many people and shortening regeneration times fits FC Augsburg perfectly. Regeneration also plays an enormously important role in controlling the load of our players, so Flow products optimally expand our options here.”

— Stefan Reuter —

Managing Director Sports

Flow massage pistol - Eishockey Adler Mannheim

Adler Mannheim

The Adler are a founding member of the DEL and the German champions in 2019. In high-intensity professional sports, great importance is placed on the optimal regeneration of players in order to avoid injuries.

"The Flow PRO massage pistol is an integral part of the training and regeneration units of the professional squad.
The Flow PRO is used both in the warm-up and in the regeneration and rehabilitation of the players.”

— Youri Ziffzer —

team manager

Vgg Unterhaching

SpVgg Unterhaching

As one of the traditional German clubs, the club likes to use new regeneration techniques for its professional department.

"The flow massage guns are ideal for regeneration after training or playing. The muscles are supplied with plenty of blood, which prevents muscle soreness or injuries."


Team Physiotherapist

Flow massage gun - ice hockey Regensburg Towerstars

Ravensburg Tower Stars

One of the most traditional ice hockey clubs in Germany and current champions of the DEL2 attaches great importance to the optimal regeneration of its professionals.

"We use the Flow PRO for regeneration after training but also in the event of injuries to get the players fit again as quickly as possible. We are enthusiastic about the Flow PRO because it has very good performance, the battery lasts long, we can use many different tools and “It’s super quiet.”


Athletics coach

Flow massage pistol - Handball HSG Bensheim Auerbach Flames

HSG Bensheim/Auerbach Flames

The Flames have been one of the regular clubs in the 1st Handball Bundesliga (HBF) for years and are a founding member. In extremely intensive sport and due to the large number of games, perfect regeneration is extremely important for the players.
The physiotherapists of the first team use the Flow MINI in all regeneration units to keep the players injury-free.

"We pay a lot of attention to the necessary regeneration phases between units. With the Flow MINI we have a great partner at our side. We love the massage guns, they are a great addition to training!"



Polar Bears Regensburg

EV Regensburg is one of the strongest ice hockey clubs in southern Germany. He is currently playing in the Oberliga Süd and is the 2020 champion there. The physio team uses Flow PRO and Flow MINI in all of the players' regeneration units.

Flow Massage Pistol - Rowing Germany Eights Women

German women's national rowing team

The current Vice European Champion in the eight is preparing intensively for the 2021 Olympic Games. In order to tease out the last few seconds, competitive athletes need optimal regeneration. The team uses Flow PRO and Flow MINI for this.

“Especially in the intensive training months just before the start of the season and for regeneration after competitions, the Flow Pro and the Flow Mini are a good way for us to loosen up and freshen up our legs and hip flexors without the support of a physiotherapist. So we are quickly ready for the next unit, which is usually not long in coming, especially in the training camp. Thanks to Flow Sports Tech for the excellent support!”


Team captain

Flow Massage Gun - Baseball Darmstadt Whippets

Darmstadt Whippets

The Bundesliga club and largest baseball club in Hesse uses the Flow PRO to regenerate and activate the players' muscles .

“We use the flow before and after training and games. For the pitchers mainly on the arm as well as the shoulder and the chest muscles. Equally good and important is the use of the catchers' thighs and calves, who sit in a squatting position for long periods of time. Our players are very happy. That thing has a lot of power!”


First team player

Flow Massage Gun - Mountain Bike Team Bulls Racing

BULLS Racing Team

Team BULLS has been at the start of major cross-country and marathon races around the world since 2007. Overall victories at the Transalp, the Cape Epic and various German championship titles adorn the long success story. The team's physios use the Flow PRO to keep the team at top performance, especially in multi-stage races.

“The mountain bike athletes really appreciate the flow treatment. It loosens the back and calf muscles excellently and the hyperemia (increased blood flow) is visible and noticeable. Cramps resolve quickly.”


Physiotherapist team

Flow massage gun - endurance sports team Erdinger alcohol-free

Team ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic

ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic is the term for endurance sports in Germany and represents numerous top athletes from triathlon and biathlon sports.

Almost 5,000 professionals and amateurs are active as endurance athletes in the ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic team and form a large family.

Flow Sports Technology Europe is the official partner of the ERDINGER non-alcoholic team.
We outfit some of the team's athletes and ambassadors, including top triathletes Florian Angert, Frederic Funk and triathlon legends Nicole and Lothar Leder.

Flow Massage Gun - Golf Professinal Golfers Association Germany

Professional Golfers Association of Germany

The PGA of Germany is the German association for professional golfers. With nine state sections, the PGA represents over 1,900 professional golfers throughout Germany, many of whom use Flow PRO and Flow MINI to optimize their recovery.

Flow massage pistol - Skiverband Bayerwald

Bavarian Forest Ski Association

The Skiverband Bayerwald is the umbrella organization of 210 clubs from the area of ​​skiing from all over Lower Bavaria and parts of the Upper Palatinate and looks after a total of over 60,000 members. This makes it the largest regional ski association in the Bavarian Ski Association.

The Bayerwald Ski Association has had great success in its recent past thanks to its excellent promotion of young talent. Successful athletes at the highest international level have emerged from the ranks of the Bayerwald Ski Association. The association looks after many top and competitive athletes from the disciplines of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, freestyle, freeskiing, snowboarding and inline skating.

Perfect regeneration plays a major role for athletes, which is why Flow PRO and Flow MINI are used in the performance squads.

"The Flow massage pistols help our competitive athletes to regenerate optimally and to remain efficient and injury-free. We use the devices in all regeneration units and are enthusiastic about the quality."

—Eduard Byuler—
Cross-country skiing association coach

"No joke, Flow's massage guns are a game changer! I mostly use the Flow PRO before and after training to keep my muscles supple. The Flow MINI has a little less power but is the perfect size for on the go.”




Long jump Olympic champion 2021, world champion 2019, European champion 2018, 5x German champion, athlete of the year 2019, 2020 and 2021.
Malaika is one of the most successful athletes in the world. In order to achieve top performance at this level over the long term, she uses flow massage guns in the regeneration units.

"Recovery and preventing injuries are just as important as the training itself. The Flow massage guns help me to regenerate better and faster after training sessions and competitions."

Flow massage gun - wrestler Frank Stäbler


Frank is the first wrestler in the world to become world wrestling champion in three different weight classes.
The current European champion, three-time world champion and bronze medalist at the 2020 Olympic Games knows the importance of optimal regeneration in high-performance sport.
That's why Flow PRO and Flow MINI are always included in training and competitions for regeneration.

"Optimal regeneration is extremely important to me. The Flow massage pistols help to improve recovery after hard training sessions. I'm really excited."

Flow massage gun - Athletics Gesa Krause


The exceptional track and field athlete is a two-time European champion and a two-time bronze medalist at the World Championships in the 3000 meter steeplechase.
The enormously high training volume at world-class level requires optimal regeneration of the muscles in order to remain efficient and injury-free in the long term. Flow MINI and Flow PRO offer Gesa professional support for this.

"The Flow massage pistols are my favorite tool to massage away the painful areas after training or competitions. My legs and buttocks in particular are much fresher after the massage"

Flow massage gun - athletics Thomas Röhler


As an Olympic and European champion in the javelin throw, Thomas is one of the best track and field athletes that the sport has to offer in Germany and internationally.
Due to the extremely high levels of stress in this explosive sport, optimal preparation and regeneration are extremely important. That's why Thomas uses both Flow PRO and Flow MINI to be able to train consistently at the top level and stay injury-free.

“Self-massage always makes sense in high-performance sport. With the Flow pistols I have a pleasant power reserve to work on deeper trigger points after long throwing sessions. The top battery pays off when traveling - charge it once at home, you don't have to think about charging during the competition trip - great."

Flow massage gun - ski jump Carina Vogt


The double world champion and Olympic champion in ski jumping knows how important optimally recovered muscles are in her explosive and injury-prone sport. That's why she relies on the Flow PRO to improve her regeneration units.

“The balance between training and regeneration is a very important topic for me. The Flow PRO optimizes my regeneration between sessions so that I can go into every new training session feeling 100% recovered.”

Flow massage gun - Football FC Bayern Lina Magull


Lina is one of the best German soccer players. The captain and absolute regular player at her club FC Bayern Munich is one of the guarantees for the success of German women's football.

With over 50 games in the German national soccer team, she is also one of the top performers there.

In order to be optimally prepared for the high stress caused by the large training and game load in professional football, she uses Flow MINI and Flow PRO in almost all regeneration units.

"What convinces me most about the Flow massage guns is the top quality. Especially after intensive training sessions, the massage is the best feeling you can have."

Flow massage gun - Bob Winter Sports Natalie Geisenberger


With four gold medals at the Olympic Games, 9 world championship titles, 6 European championship titles and 8 overall World Cup victories, Natalie is the best luger of all time and an absolutely exceptional athlete. The Flow massage guns help her to shorten regeneration times after hard training sessions and stay injury-free.

"I often use the Flow MINI both before and after training, the blood circulation is stimulated and the muscles immediately feel more relaxed. The massage guns are really perfect, especially when physiotherapy is not possible at the moment. The Flow MINI is unbeatable for on the go , for at home I take the Flow PRO, it has a little more power.”

Flow massage gun - Triathlon Andi Dreitz


Andi is one of the best German triathletes. In addition to 9 victories in Ironman 70.3 competitions and countless podium places in the long distance and Olympic distance, he also won the Challenge Roth in 2019. It goes without saying that regeneration plays a very important role when it comes to the high levels of stress in professional triathlon. Flow PRO and Flow MINI always help Andi to achieve top performance.

Flow Massage Gun - Row Germany Eighth Torben Johannesen


Silver medalist in the German parade boat Deutschlandacht at the 2021 Olympic Games, European champion and world champion. Torben is one of the world's best rowers. In order to always be able to push himself to the limit in training and competition, he uses the Flow PRO massage gun.

“Regeneration is an important topic in high-performance sport in order to push yourself to the limit every day. The Flow PRO is ideal for treating the muscles before, between and after training. For me she is a constant companion during training and competition.”

Flow massage gun - winter sports snowboard Selina Jörg


Selina is one of the best German snowboarders of all time. The 2019 and 2021 world champion and Olympic silver medalist attaches great importance to optimal regeneration. To do this, she regularly uses the Flow PRO massage gun.

"I use the Flow Pro almost every day, both in summer after athletic training and in winter after competitions. It helps me to relax stressed muscles quickly and thus be optimally regenerated for the next day. The Flow Pro is therefore missing no more travel!"


Jakob will play for the multiple Superbowl winner Las Vegas Raiders in the 2022 season and is the exceptional German American football talent. With 16 games in the 2021 season, he was one of the top performers for his previous team, the New England Patriots. He is the first German player to score an offensive touchdown in the world's best football league.

"After hard training sessions, I like to treat myself to a massage with the Flow Gun. It relaxes my muscles and helps me return to peak performance more quickly. I was particularly surprised by the Flow MINI, which has significantly more power than you think."

Flow massage gun - CrossFit Adrian Mundwiler


Adrian is one of the best athletes in the world and rightly holds the title of 8th fittest person in the world. Thanks to his great success at the 2019 Games, the exceptional Swiss athlete is one of the best that Europe has to offer. Flow PRO and Flow MINI are at the start of all units and competitions.

"No joke, the Flow massage guns are a game changer! I mostly use the Flow PRO before and after workouts to keep my muscles supple. The Flow MINI has a little less power, but is the perfect size for on the go."

Flow Massage Gun - Archery Michelle Kroppen


Michelle is the rising star and one of the great hopes in German archery. She backed up these hopes with a bronze medal at the 2020 Olympics .
The currently best European trains under professional conditions five days a week. In order to regenerate the muscles at the highest level, Michelle uses the Flow MINI.

"For me, the Flow Mini is the perfect partner on days when no physiotherapist is available. Muscle soreness is perfectly prevented and the muscles feel much more relaxed!"

Flow massage gun - football Ricarda scraper


The professional soccer player and multiple youth national team player uses the Flow MINI in all regeneration sessions to quickly get back to top level for the next game.

“Especially in intensive times like the English weeks, the Flow MINI supports me perfectly and prepares me ideally for the next game.”

Flow massage gun - biathlete Anna Weidel

ANNA Weidel

As the German champion in 2019, Anna is one of the world's best biathlon athletes. In professional biathlon, optimal regeneration is a basic requirement for strong performance, which is why Anna uses the Flow MINI massage gun in the regeneration units.

“Recovery is just as important as training. That’s why the Flow Mini massage gun is the perfect solution for me to start the regeneration phase as quickly as possible, even when I’m on the move.”

Flow Massage Gun - Boxing Christina Hammer


The multiple WBO and WBC world champion has won 26 of her 27 professional fights since 2009. In addition, with her win against Tori Nelson in Detroit 2018, she managed to defend her world title for the first time since Max Schmeling in 1931. A truly historic achievement!
Christina is currently preparing intensively for the Olympic Games in Tokyo with a focus on gold. The extreme demands and the hard training can only be successfully met with perfect regeneration, Flow PRO and Flow MINI are at her side every day.

"The massage guns from Flow Sports Technology Europe are really great! The Flow MINI is my constant companion during training and with the Flow PRO you can take regeneration at home to a completely different level."

Flow massage gun - Soccer FC St. Pauli Dennis Smarsch


As a professional soccer player and goalkeeper for FC St. Pauli, Dennis knows the importance of regeneration between intensive training sessions and games in the 2nd Bundesliga.
The two-time German junior international regularly uses the Flow PRO to optimize recovery and performance.

"Thanks to the Flow PRO, I can now regenerate faster after training and attack again the next day."

Flow massage gun - Soccer Eintracht Frankfurt Saskia Mattheis


Soccer professional at Eintracht Frankfurt and multiple German junior national team player. Saskia relies on the Flow MINI for regeneration after training sessions and games.

"Without the Flow MINI massage gun, I really can't do anything anymore. Heavy legs, sore muscles and tension are magically gone.”

Flow Massage Gun - Wrestling Gennadij Cudinovic


Gena is one of the best German freestyle wrestlers and competes in the weight class up to 125 kg. Fifth place at the 2020 European Championships and quarter-final participation at the Olympic Games in Tokyo underline his class.
In order to be able to perform well in the ring and to be able to train continuously without serious injury, Gena uses the Flow PRO to regenerate optimally.

“I prefer to use the flow after a hard training session to get the regeneration phase off to a perfect start.”

Flow Massage Gun - Para Rowing Marcus Klemp


As one of the best German para-rowers, Marcus takes part in many international competitions and will also be competing at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. In order to regenerate as well as possible in the high frequency of training and competitions, he uses the Flow PRO.

“After the training sessions, the Flow ensures rapid regeneration and thus helps you row as best as possible in the upcoming sessions and regattas. The Flow should not be missing at the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo either.”

Flow Massage Gun - Athletics Decathlon Malik Diakite


The German decathlon champion is the king of German athletics in 2020. In what is probably the most demanding discipline that athletics has to offer, perfect regeneration is the key to top performance. Thanks to his flow massage pistol, Malik can always work optimally to relax his muscles.

“I am happy that the Flow PRO supports me so easily and reliably in my regeneration and training. It's always in my sports bag, super easy to transport and always at hand."

Flow massage gun - winter sports skiing Sebastian Holzmann


Sebi is a DSV squad athlete. The ski professional is very successful in the slalom and giant slalom disciplines in the Ski World Cup. In the tight racing calendar, it is extremely important for the professionals to get their muscles back to top performance. Sebi uses Flow PRO for this purpose.

"I use the flow after every workout to support the stressed muscle groups in their regeneration as quickly as possible!"

Flow massage gun - Triathlon Frederic Funk


The triathlon professional and Ironman 70.3 winner is one of Germany's greatest triathlon talents. In order to optimally counteract the great strain on the muscles, perfect regeneration is very important to Frederic. The Flow PRO helps you get the most out of the regeneration units.

Flow Massage Gun - Winter Sports Bob Vanessa Mark


Vanessa is one of the best German bobsleigh athletes and has already achieved several victories and podium places in the bobsleigh world cup. In order to always remain efficient and injury-free under the high loads, she uses the Flow PRO for regeneration.

"After a hard workout, the Flow is great for regenerating my stressed muscles. It is not only great for follow-up but also for preparation. When your muscles are relaxed, injuries don’t occur as quickly.”

Flow massage gun - Para rowing Valentin Luz


As a competitive para rowing athlete and participant in the 2016 Paralympic Games, Valentin has a tough training and competition calendar. The Flow PRO supports you in being able to achieve top performance again and again.

“The Flow massage gun ensures the best regeneration after my training sessions. The massage refreshes my muscles more quickly."

Flow Massage Gun - Boxing Cheyenne Hanson


The professional boxer and German super featherweight champion regenerates her muscles after hard training sessions with the Flow PRO.

“The Flow PRO Massage Gun helps me a lot when I have tension after a hard workout!”

Flow massage gun - Hyrox Imke Salander


Imke is one of the best Hyrox athletes in the world, an Under Armor ambassador and one of the most successful fitness influencers in Germany. In order to work regeneratively at the top level, Imke uses both Flow MINI and Flow PRO in their regeneration units.

“The Flow massage guns are my definition of self care. It's safe to say that it has saved me a lot of pain with tight muscles and injuries. The absolute game changer for foot massage.”

Flow massage pistol - beach volleyball Lena and Sarah Overländer


The twins not only play together on the beach volleyball tour, but also with their club Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the 2nd Volleyball Bundesliga. Especially on tournament days, the flow massage guns are a great support for staying relaxed.

"We use the Flow MINI especially on intensive tournament weekends. If we play a few games on the first day, the muscles have to loosen up again in the evening so that we have full power again for the final rounds."

Flow massage gun - winter sports Bob Malte Schwenz Feier


Malte is Junior World Champion in two-man bobsleigh and one of the German elite pushers. Due to the high explosive loads in bobsleigh sports, good regeneration is a basic requirement in order to remain able to perform at a professional level in the long term and remain injury-free. The Flow PRO is the perfect training partner for Malte.

“As a professional athlete, you face the challenge of getting the most out of your body every day. Optimal regeneration is decisive for this. With the Flow Pro I have found the perfect support for everything to do with training. An absolute must-have for every athlete!"

Flow Massage Gun - Rowing Germany Achter Max Planer


Max is one of the regulars in the Germany Eights and is one of the best athletes in rowing.
He has already secured various world and European championship titles with the eight.
In order to bring regeneration to the top level, he uses the Flow PRO in almost all regeneration units.

Flow massage gun - BMX Nadja Pries


The BMX athlete is an eleven-time German champion and is also one of the best international cyclists in the world.
In order to reach top level for the competitions, Nadja uses the Flow PRO in her regeneration training.

"The Flow PRO is my favorite tool for regeneration. Honestly... I always feel rejuvenated after the massage."

Flow Massage Gun - CrossFit Kevin Winkens


As one of the best CrossFitters in Germany, Kevin attaches great importance to perfect regeneration in his training. Kevin was one of the first top German athletes to recognize the potential of Flow MINI and Flow PRO; he has been using both devices regularly in his regeneration units since mid-2019.

“The Flow massage guns are my devices of choice. Significantly quieter than others and you can clearly feel the quality.”

Flow Massage Gun - Winter Sports Bob Marc Rademacher


The bobsleigh professional and pusher from the bobsleigh team Johannes Lochner is a multiple World Cup winner. The Flow PRO is currently helping him quickly return to the top of the world after his serious injury.

“The Flow PRO definitely has the power needed to relax even the muscles of bobsledders! After my knee surgery, I mainly use the massage gun for regenerative treatment of the surrounding muscles and am making significant progress with it.”

Flow massage gun - Strongman Dennis Kohlruss


Dennis is one of the most famous faces in the German strongman scene and one of the strongest men in Germany. With several top 3 placements at the German championships in recent years, Dennis has proven that he is able to achieve top performance over the years. Dennis uses the Flow PRO so that his muscles can meet the extremely high demands of the sport.

“The Flow PRO impressed me the most of all the devices I have had in my hand so far. With its quality, it is easily in the league of very expensive devices.”

Flow massage gun - Ninja Warrior Arleen Schüssler


For the Ninja Warrior Last Woman Standing of 2019, regeneration is an important part of everyday training and competition. Arleen relies primarily on the Flow MINI massage gun for her regeneration sessions

"I've been using massage guns for a long time, whether in competitions between the stages or in the evening to regenerate while watching TV. With the guns from Flow Sports Technology Europe and especially with the Flow MINI, I have finally found one that meets my needs."

Flow Massage Gun - Triathlon Christopher Dels


Chris is one of the best German long-distance triathletes and Ironman Agegroup World Champion. He won his title in Hawaii with a strong overall time of 8:44 hours.

“I am super happy to have found an efficient training partner for regeneration. Especially after long bike training sessions, I can use it to reach the strained neck muscles perfectly. Since I can't have my physio with me 24/7, the massage gun is a perfect complementary therapy. By continuously treating the muscles with the Flow PRO Gun, I can now stay in the aero position for longer without pain.”

Flow massage gun - Skisport Simon Mauerberger


Simon is a ski professional and active World Cup rider. The South Tyrolean is one of the best ski racers in Italy and won the bronze medal in the team competition at the 2019 World Ski Championships.

"Especially after very intensive training sessions, the treatment with the Flow Pro has an effect on the regeneration time, and you also have a very pleasant feeling after a treatment. I personally use the device every day!”

Flow massage gun - winter sports Bob Filip Nikolic


The Bob Profi is one of the world's best pushers. The Flow PRO helps him to improve his regeneration and performance. In addition to his sporting career, he can be seen daily on television at Berlin Day & Night.

"The Flow PRO is really great and is an absolute benefit for my daily training."

Flow Massage Gun - Rowing Benny Leibelt


Benny is one of the best young German rowers. In order to optimize his performance, he relies on the Flow MINI in his regeneration units.

“I use the Flow MINI extensively and am thrilled. It is ideal both for cooling down directly after a training session and for relaxing the muscles in the evening after the training day. The flow made my preparation for the European Rowing Championships much more enjoyable.”