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February 24, 2021 4 min read

Massagers are a hot commodity right now, but it can be frustrating when you're trying to decide which product to buy, and it's not clear what is the perfect model to fit your needs. Often you only go by the price, which is no guarantee that you will make the right choice in the end. Here at Flow we want to make sure the differences are clear so you get exactly what you need and aren't disappointed.

Although the Flow PRO and the Flow MINI share the same benefits, such as: When used, such as relieving muscle soreness and speeding recovery, there are some important differences you should understand before making an investment. These are listed below:


Flow MINI : usage time 4 - 9 hours charging time -3 hours

FLOW PRO : usage 5 - 10 hours charging time - 4 hours

Using the latest lithium-ion battery technology, the Flow PRO and Flow MINI have a truly impressive run time and charge time. The extended battery in the PRO is specifically designed for physical therapists who use the device continuously throughout the day, while the MINI offers enough juice for more than a month when used once or twice a day. Both devices contain industry-leading fast-charging cells and some of the smartest circuitry on the market, ensuring battery usage is as efficient as possible.


FLOW MINI : flow heads: 4 Speed ​​setting: 4 (including Flow Wave)

FLOW PRO : flow heads: 7 Speed ​​setting: 4 (including flow wave)

The Flow PRO and MINI were both developed and calibrated with the help of physical therapists. This means the combination of heads and speeds allows the user to get exactly what they need from their device without having to carry around a huge collection of attachments. The MINI comes with four flow heads (Medium, Hammer, Fork and Bullet), giving you flexibility in warming up and cooling down all muscle groups as well as treating different pain points. The additional three heads that come with the PRO (Wide, Supersoft, Soft) allow for specialized treatment that physical therapists could offer. With its shape and firmness, the Wide allows the treatment of muscles through scraping techniques and the Supersoft is perfect for bony areas and any points of excessive pain where a more forgiving approach is required.

Both devices have four easy-to-use speed settings that allow you to find the right setting for what your muscles need: Relax, Refresh, Recharge, and Flow Wave. The different intensity levels allow you to easily transition from a light massage to deep muscle stimulation. The unique Flow Wave setting allows you to slowly and gently increase the intensity of the device, promoting comfort and preventing overstimulation of the affected area.


FLOW MINI : 1.77lbs (800g)FLOW PRO: 3lbs (1.35kg)

Compared to other massagers on the market, the Flow devices are known for being extremely lightweight, especially in terms of their power and battery. At just 0.8 kg (1.8 lbs), the Flow MINI is the perfect travel companion that fits easily into your gym bag or even purse, providing pain relief anytime, anywhere. The Flow Pro weighs just 1.35kg, so it's still travel-friendly, but is designed to spend most of your time in the studio or gym. Both devices have been designed with ergonomics in mind, meaning their weight is extremely well balanced, making them easy to use with one hand.


FLOW MINI: Vibration Therapy, 10MM , Maximum Force: 20lbs

FLOW PRO: Percussion Therapy, 14MM , Maximum Force: 40lbs

Vibration therapy vs. percussion therapy?

The functions of percussion therapy are similar to those of vibration therapy, as both consist of applying force to the muscles being treated. Using our two handheld massagers can create a series of quick bursts of pressure to relieve tension in muscles and stimulate blood circulation to aid muscle recovery. The PRO device has an additional 4mm of depth over the MINI device, meaning it can target knots and pain that lie deeper beneath the surface. Both percussive and vibration therapy offer the same benefits, such as: E.g.:

  • improvement of blood circulation
  • Reduction of tired muscles
  • Relief from muscle tension and swelling
  • improvement of flexibility
  • Increase in range of motion


Flow MINI?

The Flow MINI costs €149, so this product is ideal for someone looking for a quality massager that is budget-friendly. The Pro MINI's slim and simple design is lightweight (800g), making this device perfect for travel and on-the-go use. Our engineers have worked hard to reduce engine noise to the lowest possible level. The Flow Mini gives you all the essential benefits you need in your massage gun as it is an effective way to recover your sore muscles, helping you achieve your fitness goals. With 4 attachment heads and 4 speed levels, you can adjust your Flow MINI individually to your needs. An ideal device for any fitness enthusiast looking to take their workout to the next level, the Flow MINI will not disappoint
Flow PRO?
With a retail price of €349, the PRO is an uncompromising, high-quality professional device that meets the highest demands on a massage gun. It's not called Flow PRO for nothing! The Flow PRO is an extremely powerful device as it has a pressure intensity of 40lbs. This product is ideal if hard training is part of your lifestyle or you use the device throughout the day as a treatment for others. The Flow PRO comes with 7 unique heads ensuring you have all the options to meet your specific needs. The Flow PRO also comes with a stylish travel case to protect your device from damage while traveling. Investing in a Flow PRO could be the solution to your needs.

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